Sometimes it’s easier to explain what you are not.  We are Definitely not Robots in a battery hen environment reading scripts

Allow me to explain….

With Business to Business telemarketing it helps to work with an expert like Tempest Cosgrave, an agency you can count on to turn obstacles into opportunities. There is a high demand for our services because we deliver results.  We do this by having intelligent and highly competent account managers working for clients.

Our working environment is all about enabling talented individuals to flourish – no ‘robotic’ scripting and no rows of ‘battery hen’ desks.  Instead, colleagues are trusted to deal directly with clients to establish good relationships and work in partnership to get the best results possible.

The people we need to attract are often disinclined to explore telemarketing due to the perceptions often surrounding the task.  Unsurprising given the experience we all get when ‘telemarketed’ at home or on the mobile by disembodied voices selling PPI.

If you want to work in partnership with colleagues and customers within a healthy professional and stimulating environment Tempest Cosgrave is potentially for you.  Experience is always helpful but more important is a friendly positive attitude backed up with sound common sense.

If you want to find out more drop a line to with your CV.
We promise to respond to everyone that shows an interest in Tempest Cosgrave and we welcome a chance to show you our pleasant office environment where we work in a professional and grown up manner.

Many thanks
Jon Sanctuary
MD, Tempest Cosgrave