At Tempest Cosgrave we work on lead quality as a priority. We know that it is tempting to target anyone and everyone but with the amount of noise within the market place that is now becoming more of a bad idea and doesn’t entertain much of a strategy. We work with our clients to develop a targeted and most important quality leads strategy to ensure that we are spending our time efficiently. We find out the facts and the figures, the who, what and why, so that when we engage in a lead generation project we know that we are getting the maximum effect for the time spent on the project.

It is through this process that we also gain a deeper understanding of how best to promote the client to the prospect, to work at an angle that fits best with both businesses. Our experts can use their previous experiences to react to the market place, identifying which practises work best with your market sector and which do not. This gives us a huge advantage when approaching businesses on your behalf.

By focusing on quality first we can make lead generation efficient, and profitable for our clients. We may look at customising each client’s strategy so it suits their market directly. We have also created our own internal systems, which can allow us to email a large number of prospects and then target them with sales calls in the order of which we feel we have the most interest. So rather than just working through a list of 1,000 people to call we target them via email, pushing them to a landing page, with a form, reacting to those which are most engaged with your primary marketing message, focusing on the quality of the marketing with the prospects that are most engaged giving the client the best results possible.