Tempest Cosgrave are proud of the positive feedback received from our clients, many of whom continue to do business with us

“As one of the world’s largest producers of quality wood flooring, with a proud heritage dating back to 1847, it is vital that the partners we work with are able to match our high standards for quality and professionalism.

Working with Tempest Cosgrave has been a revelation; their ability to identify an opportunity and extract the maximum sales value from it has proved an enormously successful and cost effective way to increase the sales of our products.

With activity focused on our target audience we have seen sales growth that is directly attributable to the efforts of the team at Tempest Cosgrave. This has contributed to our overall growth as a company by over 38%”

Country Manager – Kährs (UK) Ltd



“Tempest Cosgrave played a key role in growing our business by opening up meetings and training with people whom we did not know – but we needed to know.

They are a true partner and now part of our team.”

Sales Manager – Zehnder

Tempest Cosgrave has covered wide range of marketplaces and sectors.  See below a range of clients that have used our services