Outsourced lead generation can seem like the obvious choice for most businesses, but we have highlighted some of the reasons why this is quite often the smartest choice:

  1. Outsourced lead generation puts more pressure on the company to follow up on leads which have been generated by the lead generation company, because it is a paid service they feel they need to get value for money on the leads they have been paying for.
  2. Outsourced lead generation can take a very specific sort of person to do this task well. Lead generators are quite often fantastic at building a personal relationship with their contacts even if it just over the phone. They are good at identifying areas that the prospect needs assistance with and then building on this to propose a solution.
  3. Outsourced lead generation means consistency. We know all too often that the assigned internal person can easily get distracted by other jobs they may have or could be unwell or even leave the company, leaving the business in a position of dependency. They may also be inadequate at lead generation, meaning that the time they allocate to the task may take much longer than if someone with specialist lead generation skills had the same task to complete.
  4. Outsourced lead generation gives accountability. When working with a lead generation company that is outsourced a certain level of accountability is achievable. They need to be able to provide a suitable track record of what has happened and when. This same level of accountability is not always something that can be achieved in-house.
  5. Outsourced lead generation is more stable. If your key person within your company who built all the leads decides the leave the company this can have a huge effect on the future of the company’s sales. By working with an outsourced lead generation you have the safety of knowing that the company is there for you in the future to ensure that the leads you are so dependent on keep flowing.
  6. Outsourced lead generation software is expensive, and the experts know how to make the most of it. This saves a lot of expensive cost to implement, maintain and support a system that your team may have no knowledge of, resulting in slow productivity and a lack of results. By using an outsourced lead generation company this problem can be avoided!
  7. Outsourced lead generation gives you the ability to grow! As things ramp up you need a company that can support that increasing level of growth. A team of lead generators at an outsourced company can save you a head ache of having to employ in house teams, provide training support and everything else that comes with a new branch to the business!
  8. On-Demand. By the same degree and outsourced lead generation team can be called on when you need them. While we advise a constant program, some businesses may be seasonal and need more of a push at certain times of the year. This is not easy to do with internal staff and is another reason why an outsourced lead generation company is the right choice for you.

If you or your business needs an outsourced lead generation company then please contact us. We can give you an initial consultation to see what your requirements are, and how we can help.