What is a lead generation service?

Generally a lead generation service is when a company will generate leads on behalf of another business. This can be used when a company is looking to grow and needs more customers, or perhaps they need some new customers. It is something that generally only comes into effect with companies that deal with other companies due to its nature. It is focused around building a relationship with another business and using this as a way to generate new leads for a business by setting an appointment for that business to have a meeting and discuss their product or service.

Why outsource a lead generation service?

Building and tracking leads can be a very time consuming process, this means that in order to do this a business would need to potentially employ a full time member of staff, this would increase their overhead by a fair amount. They would then also need to invest in the software needed to track and generate the leads, source the data & source graphics for marketing material. It is not likely that a single employee would be able to do this because of the variety of specialist skills involved. Therefore it makes sense for a business to outsource this process and build on the strategy of the businesses who already have a lead generation service in place and know how to efficiently run a campaign.

Isn’t advertising lead generation?

Advertising is a portion of the lead generation process. If you could visualise the lead generation process advertising would be near the beginning. Before that the marketing campaign needs to be designed and developed, then advertised, then when a customer shows interest this is where the ball can be dropped. A Lead generation company can pickup on this interest and try to ensure it is maximised. It means that more customers can be converted as a result of your advertising. It might be that you offer someone something as a business for free and in return that business might provide their contact details. A lead generation service will target that data and use it to try and bring them into the business as a full customer.

What should I expect from a Lead generation company?

What should you expect from a lead generation service? When you need to generate leads for your business it can be difficult to know how best to generate leads, there are so many options which are tied to marketing channels and advertising it can be hard to know which one will give your business the best return. Tempest Cosgrave build a strategy behind their lead generation service which gives the business an idea of how they can improve their presence online and offline, and using this to potentially set appointments. With Lead generation services it is important to ensure the process is complete from start to finish, a lot of companies might only offer a portion of the lead generation service. They may speak to raw data and use this to provide leads however this can be extremely time consuming and therefore expensive. Tempest Cosgrave have a strategy that cleanses the data, delivers a bespoke marketing message, follows this with a telephone call, with another email supplying more marketing collateral and then setting an appointment provides a much more complete service that improves results drastically.