We know the Coronavirus Pandemic has changed things forever and though it will take time for the ‘new normal’ to emerge, one thing is clear, the explosion in usage of on-line meeting technology has been a revelation. Coupled with home working it now seems travelling to relatively minor meetings, presentations or briefings belongs to a different time. In the same way email has largely replaced post, business to business selling is now an online activity.

However, there is still a place for the well crafted personalised hard copy letter or the aesthetically pleasing brochure that makes a reassuring thump on a desk.

Smart business managers will keep the benefits of this new working practice – saving operational costs and increasing productivity is essential.

The best sales animals will those with the skills that maximise the online environment yet are still able to rock up occasionally and press the flesh. So, in short, the spirit of the ‘road warrior’ is still valued, the real evolutionary dead end is the one trick pony.