Tempest Cosgrave know that the digital shift has happened and that the time of generating leads offline is passing, more people’s attention is shifting to marketing they see online, what they read, who they follow, and how they importantly engage with these channels. This means that to generate leads online a business must provide their audience with valuable content that they need. It may feel odd to provide so much content for free but what it does is educate the reader and gives them confidence about the subject and whoever provides the content can reap the benefit of such. This new approach when generating leads online means that a business can no longer claim to be an expert in a subject matter, they need to prove it. They need to ensure that the content they provide is actually valuable and in return they will generate leads online.

Generate Leads Online – Marathon not a sprint

So why don’t more businesses generate leads online in this way? The problem is the process is fiddly, it is a marathon of effort and it takes time for businesses to build leads this way. Most businesses decide they need more business instantly which is the opposite to the way the web works. Unless the business is prepared to shell out thousands in online sponsored ads they need to spend the time producing the quality content that their users need to attract them as customers.

Generate Leads Online – How to generate the leads

So how do we actually generate the leads? Ideally a business would publish content that users find useful or valid, this doesn’t mean they are giving them the answer to their question right away and it doesn’t mean they are giving away the service for free either, they are simply establishing themselves as an expert in their field. The rest will follow. All we need to ensure is that we have the suitable platforms and tools for those customers to then contact the business in place.

Generate Leads Online – The tools and platforms

Each business should have a website, if they don’t, then they don’t own the content they publish online. It may be useful to use facebook or twitter, but what if it goes offline? Your business cannot be dependent on another business. You need your own website to publish your content, then use this as a base to promote your content via other channels. This will allow you to stay in control of your businesses lead generation online. The tools also allow people to contact you, online chat, enquiry forms, click to call links, all keep things easy and simple for the user to get in touch.

How should we know what to publish online? This is where Tempest Cosgrave comes in, we can assist you in knowing what to do and how to do it. The most important thing that stops you from wasting your time is to have a strategy in place. It is easy for businesses to run around blind pushing out content online without knowing why they are doing it or if there is even an audience for this content. Tempest Cosgrave can help you generate leads online with our years of expertise in this area. Speak to us today about getting strategy developed to help you generate leads online.