Tempest Cosgrave focus heavily on data cleansing, why? because it is so important before starting a campaign to ensure that the data you are working with is relevant. Many agencies will waste time and money running a campaign using data that hasn’t been cleaned which will deliver poor results for the client rendering the entire campaign ineffective giving a result that ultimately the client won’t be happy with. We run data cleansing in a way which retains data records as much as possible while ensuring that the data is actually data that your business will need. Data cleansing serves as the pivot for success for your businesses lead generation and telemarketing campaigns, without it you might end up with no real tangible leads which can be used to close a sale.

Data Cleansing – why the cost?

Data cleansing can sometimes be seen as an unnecessary cost, one which a marketing agency might use to ‘bulk out the job’, and this is often because the client doesn’t understand the benefit of data cleansing. If we think about what the process does, is that it brings focus to the data that really matters, which is what we feel every business should be doing. Gone are the days where you just target everyone and hope the message sticks! Now data needs to be high quality, highly attractive and very relevant to what it is you are trying to sell. After all you may only need a few appointments to close a great deal, you may only need a few amazing records of data to do that same. If you dilute those amazing records with thousands of bad quality data this makes them so much harder to find and make use of.

Data Cleansing – the difference between success and failure

Data cleansing really can be the difference between success and failure in the B2B world of lead generation and appointment setting. If you need any more information about Data Cleansing and would like to speak to Tempest Cosgrave about this process then please give us a call.