Construction Lead Generation

With all businesses it is important to sustain a steady level of leads into a business, however staffing can present issues with consistency and this can have an effect on the flow of new leads into the business. To avoid disruption to the flow of new leads it is sometimes more efficient for businesses to have an external company work on their lead generation. But only if the following terms are met:

Construction Lead Generation requirements:

1.    The company knows the product well
2.    They understand how to deal with some obvious questions when quizzed by a prospect
3.    They are able to give useful and insightful feedback to the client.

There are many other factors at play however if we look at how the first point, this is where a sales pitch can quickly fail. While building a relationship with the lead, the lead generation company will need to instil confidence within the prospect and one of the best ways to do this is to show a good awareness of industry knowledge. This will help reinforce the recipient’s confidence in the company who they are looking to work with meaning they are much more likely to agree to an appointment. Tempest Cosgrave have worked with many industries but have experience in working specifically with construction which places us is a good position to handle construction lead generation.


Construction Lead Generation – Understanding the question

We also know that when working with construction companies they may throw a curve ball style question into the mix, Tempest Cosgrave are well placed to answer such questions in a way that allows us to show integrity when representing your company and its lead generation efforts.

Construction Lead Generation – Insightful feedback

When working on lead generation project we need to ensure that we give useful feedback, this isn’t just about us selling to the prospect but also about giving you information you need to make decisions about the product you are selling and the way it is being sold, giving you valuable and insightful information on the conversations we have on your behalf.

Construction Lead Generation – Quality

This leads us to talk about the quality of the lead generation we offer, as always with Tempest Cosgrave we focus on ensuring that the quality of leads we drive are of high quality, we know the importance of speaking to the right person, in the right way. This places us naturally as one of the leaders when it comes to generating leads for the construction sector.