Business to business research is an important process of finding businesses that suit what you are trying to target when marketing. The research process as a whole can take time but if applied effectively can return great results. Are you trying to target a particular type of business? If so you may need to ensure that the business is researched beforehand to save any embarrassing telephone moments! You don’t want to sell a product to a business that cannot afford it, and you don’t want to undersell a product to a business that can afford it! By doing good business to business research you can save your organisation a lot of time and money. Within the figures we can show that this process has saved both time and money in the long run (contact us for more info).

So what is the best way to do business to business research? We feel that it is best to identify the types of businesses that you are trying to connect to beforehand, then use this as a way of finding where those sorts of businesses advertise. You can then approach them on the platforms they use, to help you gather as much information as you may need for your research. By selecting the platforms they use you may be more likely to develop this research through the lead stages if necessary with the process you already started.

Business to business research takes so many forms that it is advisable to speak to a consultant beforehand to ensure that you are tackling it in the right way. At Tempest Cosgrave we have years of experience in business to business research and can help you take your strategy to the next level.