Business generation is something that Tempest Cosgrave specialise in. We have experience in marketing from the very first contact with the customer right through to placing them in a chair in front of you! When it comes to business generation we have set of skills which allow us to work strategically through each of the stages of new business generation starting with leads, moving towards the process of turning those leads into warm prospects and then further down the line setting appointments for your business so that you can turn up and speak directly with the client, cutting out a lot of the time wasting process in between.

For new business generation we can focus on an area of your business that we feel will sell well to a market and take it to that market place. We can work towards getting your business placed in front of the right people, the decision makers who can help you do business. Sometimes we know it is not always easy when doing new business generation to get past the P.A! We have spent years working on this process so that we can put you in front of the right person, at the right time, giving you invaluable placement for your business to attract new customers! Also we focus on reliability and consistency. We know it is important to keep those leads flowing! So for new business generation we will speak to companies about what you do and how you do it, informing the customer will make them comfortable, understanding if you fit their business & can fulfil its requirements.

Appointment setting, sales lead generation, outbound telemarketing, CPD’s and seminars.

Telemarketing, telesales, cold-calling, hitting the phone.  It’s no coincidence that the most effective sales people see the phone as a vital tool to help them achieve their goals.

The most common issue in sales and marketing strategies is ensuring effective telemarketing is maintained consistently.

Outsourcing telemarketing removes what we term ‘call avoidance’ (when there are a number of less important activities that get in the way, such as admin, tidying the desk, reading e-mails, facebook, looking out the window etc).  Outsourcing telemarketing also solves genuine issues such as resources and skills shortages.

Whether we’re following up a mail shot or cold calling senior decision makers, Tempest Cosgrave exist to provide telemarketing support to business development teams by shouldering the burden of making telephone calls.

 Event population, event attendance, exhibition footfall.

If no-one knows about your party no-one’s going to come!

Getting your event into the diaries of the right people is paramount to a successful outcome.

Tempest Cosgrave telemarketing contact and motivate people to attend events such as CPD’s and seminars who otherwise may not be engaged by other forms of advertising.

Our experienced event team ensure:

• you know how many people are coming.
• who they are.
• attendees receive pre and post event material.
• post event follow up is done – quickly.
• replace those inevitable last minute cancellations.

Follow Up

Maximise the return on investment of an event or an exhibition by following up with attendees.  Do they have any immediate opportunities?  What was their feedback on the event?  If you don’t ask you don’t get!

Continuous Professional Develop is the means by which members of professional associations maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills. Providing CPD’s seminars is an excellent way of selling to a room full of decision makers.

Our construction telemarketing experience ensures our clients secure relevant drawing, briefing document, invitation to tender (ITTs), pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) – in fact anything that helps ‘open the door’.

Project Tracking

Telemarketing is vital to extract the value from project data from sources such as Glenigan or ABI.

Email Marketing is an effective way to reach your audience.
Beginning with profiled opted in data lists to reduce those bounceback rates. We believe in delivering your message effectively to your target segment. Providing you with analysed and evaluated results, with clear reporting of metrics, combined with telemarketing follow up calls we can help to maximise your investment.