Tempest Cosgrave have extensive experience in driving B2B leads. They are sometimes the hardest customers to reach because they have less media on which you can advertise. We know that in the B2C world it is possible to advertise to leads using social media, television or local ads. However in the B2B world getting those B2B leads can prove much more difficult. There is sometimes that layer of ‘anti-selling’ in the way. However we have found that B2B leads can be obtained in a number of ways, so here we will look at how B2B leads can be sustained by you and us collectively.

B2B Lead generation via content creation:

Probably one of the best way to generate leads for B2B is via GOOD content generation, content which adds value to what that business wants to do. If you are a company that has a problem and needs a solution and find that a business has created content which assists you with that solution then you will see them as experts in their field and are likely to want to become their customer. This is a much better conversion method than sell sell sell. People do not like being sold to, they like to be assisted, and given guidance on what they should do in order to fix their problem. This method of selling is modern for the internet. It used to be filled with pages just trying to sell content to people without giving them any value beforehand. This led to people becoming wary and not always trusting what they read online. To turn this around people had to find real value in the content they were reading to get them the B2B leads they really needed.

B2B leads in the past:

Let’s look at an example, back in the early times of the internet a sales person would lead a visitor up the garden path, giving them promises without any real substance, this would mean that the visitor would spend a lot of time reading and not actually getting the result they wanted until they ‘surprise surprise’ spent some money. They would then feel that they would only get the answer if they paid for it. Now in the more modern times of the internet more and more content is given away for free by the real experts, not just sales people. This means that people can really see the value of that content before they decide to implement it themselves. B2B lead generation has never been better than this. It is like product sampling, if you like it you will buy it. The same now seems to be in effect with content generation and therefore B2B leads.

Getting someone to generate B2B leads for you:

Of course, this method means you have to create the content yourself, what if you just want the leads rather than the work load of content creation and then waiting for the leads to flow through? While patience is always a good thing – online it isn’t always possible. This is where a company like Tempest Cosgrave can help with B2B lead generation. We have found that by being more direct with businesses our B2B leads can be built up and supplied to you in a much quicker timeframe. The way we do this is to accurately identify the areas in which you will need to target your market. They might be a certain type of business or person that you want to reach. Once we know your ideal B2B leads then we can set about looking in the sorts of marketplaces those B2B leads reside. Now we know who you want to target and where they are we can take the product or service to them. By driving a proactive sales approach, with value adding content we can generate B2B leads for your business. Ensure you know the difference between B2B data and B2B leads. We give you contacts who want to do business with you, not just contacts who maybe one day might want your business. This process is very different to just supplying a database. We speak to the B2B leads on your behalf, discussing with them the benefits of doing business with you, why your solution is the perfect answer to their problem like mentioned in the content context previously and how you can connect to do business. We can even book the appointment for you! B2B lead generation is a time-consuming process but placing the value on your prospective client means it can turn out to be a very lucrative one.


Speak to Tempest Cosgrave about B2B leads:

So if you are serious about highly targeted and highly focused B2B leads which will give your business an edge then speak to us at Tempest Cosgrave to see how we can produce for you some of the best B2B leads, or even extend that to an appointment setting service, leaving you to focus on your core of selling your product or service.