B2B appointment setting is really something that all businesses need to be doing. It gives the company the time it needs to do what it does best – selling. Not all businesses are great at getting their own appointments, but put them in front of the right person and they will make the deal happen! Lack of B2B appointment setting activity can be seen as one of the main reasons business growth is restricted. The management level of companies will find themselves working hard at generating appointments when they are fundamentally no good at it, they are best at the face to face sales approach. To help speed up business growth increasingly companies have been turning to Tempest Cosgrave for their B2B appointment setting. What this does is free their sales people from the desk, keeping them on the road and making the sales one after the next… This keeps the flow of business consistent, and keeps the business moving towards its goal, more sales and more growth. However rather than employ a team of inexperienced appointment setting staff it is sometimes better to outsource to the specialists, who have worked around the pitfalls and the barriers to entry. The business who are all looking to fast track growth know this, because it is something they are all implementing.

So how do Tempest Cosgrave approach B2B appointment setting?

We like to feel that we are different to most companies in the sense that we do not supply a one size fits all appointment setting approach for our customers. We work with them to find out how the dynamic of their business would fit with our appointment setting approach. Therefore, we need to know how their current sales team and operating, how do they currently book in appointments, where do they like to work, in certain geographical areas? Would they rather work in a sector, or would they rather work on a certain product? We can work with the business to identify how we would build a strategic B2B appointment setting approach and use this B2B appointment setting method to tie in with what works for the business currently.

Protect your B2B appointment setting process:

When our B2B appointment setting process is established we can work within the company acting on their behalf white labelling the contact so that the business doesn’t appear to be outsourcing anything, while it also means that the sales people do not ‘own’ the contacts, they are just given them to work on. This reduces the companies risk if a sales person leaves, the B2B appointment setting can simply be given to another sales person to take over, it doesn’t stop the flow of new B2B leads from the external B2B appointment setting service.

By adding this additional layer of external resource, it takes strain off the sales people and puts more control back into the hands of the company. Speak to Tempest Cosgrave today if this is something you feel would benefit your business, outsourcing your B2B appointment setting and generate more sales!